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4 Home Improvements to Immediately Boost Equity in your Home

When you want to improve your home’s worth or prepare to sell, consider doing one or two of these top 4 home improvements.

Re-do the bathroom. According to the statistics, you’re most likely to get the largest percentage of return of your investment with a bathroom remodel. So anything you do to update or re-do your bathroom will increase your home’s value.

If you have just one bathroom, add another one to your home.

You can improve buyer interest by installing double sinks in the master bath.

If your bathrooms are in pretty good shape, consider adding some specialty tile.

A quick and inexpensive fix to get your bathrooms up to snuff is to install new faucets and other fixtures.

Remodel the kitchen. Undergoing a kitchen remodel is another way to earn back a higher percentage of your remodel investment upon the sale of your home. If you can’t do a thorough remodel or you don’t need it, consider these suggestions:

Replace old appliances and lighting with new energy efficient appliances and lighting.

Re-face cabinet doors.

Install tile floors.

Add or re-create functional space. Think about how you can add functional spaces to your home.

Build on a family room to grab potential buyers’ attentions.

Turn space you already have in a basement into a family room or bedroom suite.

Remodeling your attic into a huge master suite greatly enhances your home’s value.

Make energy-efficient changes. As the public’s interest in living green grows, think about installing or adding energy efficient changes throughout your home inside and out.

Switch out all your windows to energy efficient ones.

Installing a new roof is a great way to help your home’s value and save dollars for heating and air conditioning.

If you really want to appeal to those interested in saving the planet, installing solar panels to provide solar energy will definitely improve your home’s worth.

These improvements will beautify your home, increase your pleasure while you’re living in it, and make it more valuable and attractive to potential buyers if you should decide to sell it.

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