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About Us

United Educators FinanciAL ASSOCIATION

United Educators Financial Association (UEFA) is a California based one-stop resource arsenal for all teachers. Without a doubt educators are undervalued on many fronts; they are exceptionally underappreciated and unsupported in the financial realm. UEFA aims to sweep away the barriers that educators face by providing a platform where fellow teachers can share potent knowledge and financial insights with each other. Through collaborative efforts, along with informative articles provided by UEFA, the association will foster a braintrust that empowers educators to expect and demand more for the invaluable contributions they offer to society.


While on the road to financial freedom, members will be exposed to numerous benefits such as discounts, insightful workshops, and community events aimed at educating and leading teachers to their full potential.

Our Mission and Vision
Our Goal

The need for highly-skilled and well-trained educators never stifles. UEFA is dedicated to long-term assistance and empowerment of teachers. UEFA will be transcending the California area in the near future and becoming a national platform providing financial liberation for educators. This includes an expansion of benefits and services such as free tax preparation and financial workshops for students.


UEFA knows that with persistence and the help of committed members, the association can positively impact 1,000 educators over the span of 10 years.

UEFA understands the power in numbers and knows that when people organize themselves against unnecessary restrictions the results are tenfold. What does the world look like where teachers have more collective purchasing power? What does the world look like where teachers have a plethora of options in terms of 403b’s and 401k’s. The United Educators Financial Association knows that the world can be a reality and is willing to use the power of teamwork to get there.

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