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Inspiration for Teachers: 11 Education Blogs That Will Fill Your Teacher Cup

There are very few jobs that are as rewarding as teaching. Each day, teachers give all they’ve got to help students learn. And not just learn the curriculum, but also learn how to be kind, disciplined, intelligent, and an all around good human being.

Teachers are amazing.

But teaching isn’t always easy. In fact, for every great day it can feel like there are two incredibly trying days. From meetings to paperwork, discipline issues and parents that show up unexpectedly, teachers are expected to do more in one day than most people ever do in an entire week (except for stay-at-home moms, of course).

Let’s face it, teachers need all the the help they can get.

This is why we’ve rounded up a list of 11 awesome blogs that will help see you through those days when you just need a little bit more inspiration. Whether you are looking for new ideas to try in the classroom, fresh learning strategies or just simply want a good read, we’re confident that many of these blogs will soon be bookmarked on your browser.

1. Thank You Brain - Help your students learn how to better memorize by using techniques and ideas from Dr. Bill Klemm, a neuroscientist and education specialist.

2. Edspresso - Get the daily dish on hot topics in the world of education on this informative blog.

3. 2 Cents Worth - An engaging writer who has a knack for finding and discussing hot topics, David Warlick writes frequently on his blog about education, success, and the process of learning.

4. Stories from School - This blog is on nearly every “must-read” blog lists for teachers, and for good reason. It shares real stories from real teachers in real classrooms and has active discussions about the repercussions of major policy issues in the field of education.

5. United Federation of Teachers - While its focus is on the New York area, this teaching blog makes for an interesting read for teachers around the country as it’s loaded with breaking news in education and poignant opinions from teachers and administrators.

6. Thoughts on Education Policy - A relatively simple blog from first glance, author Corey Bower has great insights about current educational policy that every teacher will find interesting. Whether they agree with him or not is of course entirely for them to decide.

7. Dangerously Irrelevant - Dr. Scott Mcleod keeps this blog running, creating a dialogue about technology and our current educational system. Far from just diatribes, Dr. Mcleod offers real solutions that will inspire teachers to keep innovating.

8. Will Richardson - Known for his TED talks, Will Richardson is also a parent. His blog focuses on technology and how it can benefit the educational system in our country today.

9. The Ivy Coach - Want to help prepare your students to get admitted to the country’s top Ivy League schools, Bev Taylor, the author of this blog, has some great insider knowledge to help. Her blog always has something interesting or compelling to digest.

10. Study Hacks - Take advice from this computer scientist! His blog discusses things that make students successful and makes for great discussion ideas for class.

11. The Organized Classroom - Want practical tips and advice for keeping your classroom functioning? Look no further!

There is a wealth of ideas online for teachers, helping you to get through those difficult days or giving you ideas when you need them most.

Do you have a favorite educational blog that didn’t make our list? Share it below for others to enjoy!

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